Game Overview

Space Station Landmark has gone offline. All attempted contact with Landmark has been futile. Its nearby satellites are mysteriously experiencing a blackout. Decades worth of data are still uncollected. That’s where you come in, Candidate Alpha. We need you to collect the Data Caches of information adrift in space. A number of collection sites have been located, but there are too many unknown astrophysical factors. We cannot guarantee your safety.

Violet: Space Mission is a 2D precision action game in space, where you take the role of Candidate Alpha sent on the top-secret Violet Programme. Play through uniquely designed missions to retrieve the Data Caches and uncover the secrets hiding in them. Experience a beautifully crafted 2D space and be very aware of the dangers that lurk in it. Get accustomed to Zero Gravity gameplay, where every tiny move you make matters. Good luck and Godspeed.

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violet space mission game ipad

Dodge Asteroids

Navigate through a sea of moving asteroids. A new experience every time you play.
Violet Games


Every movement you make matters, especially in Zero-G.
Violet Iphone App

Intense Precision Gameplay

Locate and retrieve your targets and make it back to the ship